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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is Dreamitall? 
    Dreamitall is an original supplement that uses a combination of organic herbs to bring about a more natural, deeper sleep.

  2. Is Dreamitall for me?
    If you are looking for a better alternative to sleep aids than synthetic drugs, we highly encourage you to give Dreamitall a try!  Nothing can beat the natural effects of organic herbs.
  3. How does it work? 
    See our "How Does it Work Page" for more detailed information!

  4. Will this make me dream?
    Some individuals do report an increase in dream vividness while taking Dreamitall.  However, for a deeper dreaming effect, we recommend our Mugwort Loose Leaf Tea.

  5. How soon will I see results? 
    You should notice an increased restfulness the day after taking Dreamitall.

  6. Is it safe? 
    Yes! Dreamitall only contains herbal ingredients, B vitamins, and Melatonin.  With all supplements however, please read the "warning" portion on the supplement facts panel before taking, just to be smart.

  7. Are there side effects? 
    No. However, it is important to note that some people respond differently to herbs than do others. In rare cases some side effects may occur. If you notice any abnormal side effects, discontinue use / consult with your physician. (Please see our warning label on the supplement fact panel).

  8. Is Dreamitall addictive / habit forming?  
    No! Unlike many other non-natural sleep aids, none of the ingredients in Dreamitall are known to be addictive or build up tolerance. 

  9. Is Dreamitall a prescription medication? 
    Definitely not! Dreamitall is an herbal supplements containing blends of natural ingredients, B vitamins, and Melatonin.

  10. Is Dreamitall FDA Approved?  
    Dreamitall's manufacturing facility is FDA approved, as well as all manufacturing and bottling practices. While the FDA does approve manufacturing facilities, dietary supplements themselves are not, thus it is important to make sure you buy any supplement from a reputable source.

  11. When should I take Dreamitall?
    The average recommended dose is 2-3 capsules at bedtime or right before falling asleep.

  12. How often should I take it? 
    Start by following the suggested dosage once per night.  Because Dreamitall can help regulate your natural sleep cycles, eventually you may not have to take it every night, unless you want to.

  13. Can I take Dreamitall for just a day or two? 
    Yes. The effects of Dreamitall can be felt the first night, so if your'e looking for a good nights sleep, than we recommend giving it a try.  You can then begin taking it more often to help regulate your sleep cycles.

  14. What payment options are available?
    We use PayPal as our main payment provider, which allows for all major type credit cards.

  15. If I order more than one bottle do I get a discount?
    Yes! There are discounts for ordering 2, or 3 bottles at a time.  See our store for more details!

  16. Do you ship to post office boxes?
    Yes we do!

  17. Do you ship internationally? 
    Currently we do not ship internationally. 

  18. How soon will my package arrive? 
    Packages usually arrive within 4-5 days of order being processed.

  19. How do I make returns? 
    If you need to make a return just e-mail us with your information (First / Last Name, and order#), and we'll help you out.

  20. When I order Dreamitall will my information be kept private? 
    Absolutely! We treat your personal information with the utmost respect for privacy. We will never disclose your email, phone number, or other personal information. Please read our security and privacy policy for more information. 

  21.  Is it safe to order from your website?  
    Yes! Our site is managed by Shopify and Stipe (payment gateway), in addition to PayPal as our payment service provider.  These guys are the best in the business.

  22. Can I buy Dreamitall elsewhere? 
    Currently you can only buy Dreamitall right here on our website.

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